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Prospecting Equipment & Services

Bear's can provide the equipment and the knowledge you will need for your prospecting when you are ready to try your hand at treasure hunting, rock or meteor collecting or metal detecting. We offer personalized service to help you determine what equipment will meet your needs.

Even if prospecting is not a new hobby for you, chances are that we can help you take it to the next level. We carry major brands of metal detectors, such as "Whites", "Fischer, and "Minelab". Bear's offers gold panning tips, as well as picks, pans, dry washers, high-bankers, and vacuums.

Customers are welcome to come in and learn more about why we love what we do. So whether you've been treasure hunting for years or you're just a little bit curious, come to Bear's Archery,Guns, and Prospecting in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Don't buy from an out-of-state website or inexperienced person at a big-box store. You never know what you will find under the desert sun. While there are literally hundreds of places to use your metal detectors to find coins, rings, jewelry, gold, meteors, relics and even buried hidden treasure, your personal success will come from our guidance and your determination.

A few hints on where to find treasures is anywhere people have been such as parks, playgrounds, picnic areas, recreational vehicle parking, swimming areas such as lakes, rivers,beaches and sand,dirt or grassy parking areas.

Metal Detectors